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The Peoples สล็อตเว็บตรง Tips seems like a place where the people put their best betting tips, then the people vote on the other people’s betting tips, in the hope that the best betting tips will be discovered by popular consensus.

Seems like a good idea to me. I have heard worse. A site for gamblers who follow tips on all types of sports betting and reality tv odds markets maybe? We shall see in good time.

At the moment, the second best wagering advice is for QPR to beat Cardiff 2-1 away from home on saturday. Any site tipping up QPR to win an away match is fine by me. Especially against Baahdiff.

Are Gambling Bonus Hunters Fraudsters

Are bonus hunters fraudsters?

An online casino, sportsbook, bookie or bingohall offer bonuses to new players to tempt them to open an account. The hope is the punter will come back often and succumb to the house edge for a lifetime.

Some casinos and bookies etc run more than one operation. Some allow a gambler to open an account at all of the different arms of the company, some do not.

Bonus Terms

The onus is on the gaming establishment to write ledgible terms, that explain the bonus terms in full. Not expect punters to be mind readers, or to turn down a mathematical advantage by default, because it involves a bonus or two.

♠ If a gambler is allowed to open more than one account in a family of casinos etc, then no terms need writing regard bonus hunters.

♠ If a gambler is not allowed to open more than one account in a family of casinos etc, then the terms need to be specific.

At Gambling 911 an interesting discussion is taking place. A well regarded poster in the gaming industry called “The Insider” noted that dedicated bonus hunters are fraudsters, simple as that.

Link To The Opinion Of A Poster Called The Insider

(excerpt) However, opening 15 accounts over the course of a couple of days ALL within the the same family of sites, is without doubt a concerted effort to take advantage of bonuses and to defraud. – (the insider)

Interesting opinion no?

Some gamblers do much to overcome the house edge, to get a winner, to gain an advantage.

♠ Some gamblers study the greyhound and horseracing form to try to get a winner.

♠ Some gamblers follow tipsters.

♠ Some gamblers look for trends, follow their favourite jockey etc.

♠ Some gamblers look for arbitrage.

♠ Some gamblers look for a good price or wagering opportunity on a sporting event.

♠ Some gamblers hedge their bets.

♠ Some gamblers follow crazy wagering systems.

♠ Some gamblers learn the games to a professional level of play.

♠ Some gamblers follow their lucky numbers.

♠ Some gamblers take advantage of bonuses to overcome the house edge.

♠ Some gamblers do none of these things and play for luck by pinsticking.

All gamblers hope to win. Most of the above lose. Bonus hunters probably less so granted. Maybe the casinos etc should not offer bonuses?

Are All Winners Fraudsters?

The fundamental question is – are all gamblers that try to seek an advantage “fraudsters” if they succeed in overcoming the house advantage within the posted rules?

Conclusion – Of course gamblers are not fraudsters if they win by studying the form, the maths or the bonuses on offer at one or more gaming establishments.

It is slightly disheartening to see a well regarded gaming industry insider call punters that try too hard to win some money “fraudsters”.


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