This Is Not Your Mother’s game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening Room

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There’s trash in the Amazon room, and I’m not referring to the plays going on in it. Under nearly every table in the room is a collection of empty water bottles, half-eaten sandwiches, and discarded fruit salads. I even saw a parfait glass under one guy’s chair, practically untouched (because nothing says “Fear my raises” like a chocolate parfait with Pepperidge Farm cookie topper). I understand, picking up after yourself isn’t the first thing on your mind after you’ve been told to move to another table, or worse yet, busted out. Maybe for some of the players, leaving trash behind is a statement of sorts on the way Harrah’s has been treating them. But I suspect the vast majority are just waiting for mom to show up and take care of it…

Classic Bonnetti

I’ve never heard anyone describe John Bonnetti as genteel…and I’m guessing I never will. I understand you can’t call yourself a dealer until Bonnetti’s cussed you out. If they televised the Bonnetti roast they held at the game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening last year it would have been one long bleep – both of Bonnetti and all the people imitating Bonnetti. Some players are “old school” – but Bonnetti is definitely “old detention.”

One of my poker boyz, wildbill, recently found himself at Bonnetti’s table in the WSOP $1K NLHE. The scene that follows is classic wildbill and even more classic Bonnetti.

John Juanda with a Big Stack

A priest, a one-legged rabbi, and a frog walk into a bar. The bartender says: “We don’t serve your kind here.”

The priest says: “You got something against amphibians?”

The bartender says: “No! But this is a poker playing bar and we don’t like limpers.”

Sometimes the conversation at poker tables can be down right funny and then there are the other times. Not everyone is a comedian but I will, once again, let you be the judge.

Lets Talk About A Different Kind of Fish in Las Vegas—SUSHI

I overheard a woman in the aisles on the phone today telling her friend that they were going to go have sushi at the MGM. I almost went up to her to warn her about the awful meal I had there, but the crowd got between us.

So, you want to have sushi in Vegas? This is where you go, not the MGM Grand. The MGM Grand is known for their celebrity chef restaurants, and sexy Italian Fiamma is to die for, but the sushi at Shibuya, stinks. Literally. We went there earlier this year, and the room smelled like fish, but not in a good way, the minute we got there. The service was bad, the prices sky high (for that you could have a better meal at Nobu), and lets say it again. It smelled in there.


Nobu at the Hard Rock

4455 Paradise Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 693-5090

This is the best sushi in town. It’s chic, and more importantly, consistent. The food is top notch, especially the chef specials if you can afford them. If you are on a budget, stay away from the Kobe, and hit specials off the menu like the yellowtail with jalepenos, and the hot rock shrimp appetizer.


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