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After a lot of input and comments from members, and much discussion between Online Casino Malaysia and myself, we have decided to give ‘some’ members a second chance at membership to Gone

We are aware that this decision will cause much controversy. We are also aware that many of the banned members who apply for reinstatement of their gonegambling membership and are refused, will launch renewed attacks against the integrity of GoneGambling. That in itself will prove that we were justified in banning them in the first place and again in refusing to allow them back.

So why the amnesty?

Over the years there have been a considerable number of people who have been banned because they didn’t think at the time and did something completely stupid that was detrimental to GoneGambling either financially, time-wise or in reputation. We are sure that their period in the wilderness will have been a lesson well learnt.

So why the hard line and permanent ban until now?

Customer service and dealing with the membership of GoneGambling has always been very much a one man show. With only one person dealing with everything, there was absolutely no time to be wasted on stupidity. Early on I learnt my lesson well. Giving people the benefit of the doubt and reinstating their membership was taken as a sign of weakness by four out of every five people. The majority of banned members who were reinstated simply saw it as an opportunity to re-offend. For some unknown reason, they believed they would keep getting second chances. That just wasn’t going to happen. I very quickly found myself having to waste time banning four out of every five members who I had given the benefit of the doubt to. Most times, I was banning them again just days or weeks after reinstating their memberships. This could not go on. It was more time efficient and safer for GoneGambling to simply say that once a member was banned, they stayed banned – regardless of the offence. This was very tough on members who had a one time momentary lapse into stupidity. But it needed to be that way to ensure GoneGambling continued to grow and flourish. The growth of the site could not be impeded by wasting time on people who were of little or no value and nothing more than ‘time vampires’.

It’s the members who had that momentary lapse into stupidity and who have learnt their lessons that are being offered this second chance at once again becoming a GoneGambling member. Banned members who lied, cheated, stole or have already used up a second chance, need not apply to have their membership reinstated. Don’t make the mistake that we have gone soft. We are simply trying to be fair to those members who may have had a rule applied to them that was designed to be applied to more serious offenders.

If you are one of the banned members who does have their membership reinstated through this amnesty period, you owe a heap of thanks to several GoneGambling members for making this opportunity available to you. Like you, they were banned but already given a second chance. They have since proven that ‘some’ people are deserving of a second chance as they have become some of the finest members we have.

Does this amnesty mean I now have more time available than previously?

Not at all. I have even less time now than ever before to deal with cheating and stupidity. I’m simply making the time to be fair to ‘some’ members who may be deserving of a second chance. To make this work, I have enlisted the help of Greedygirl and our Support members. In addition to myself, they will review each case and make a decision on reinstating the membership.

How do I apply for membership reinstatement?

To request having your membership to GoneGambling reinstated, you must send an Email To Us

In your email you must state exactly what it was that you did to cause the ban in the first place. You must then state why you think you should be given a second chance. Do not tell lies to us. If you are caught in a lie you will remain banned for life. See our Gone Gambling Tongue Fight Page for the rewards of telling the truth, even though it may be embarrassing to you.

A decision on reinstatement of membership will be made within 7 days of our receiving your application.


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