Collagen Cream (50ml) – General Skin Care Cream – Explained by Botox near me costa mesa

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Plazan Collagen cream is an effective general skin care cream. The synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin will reduce with time, that results in flabby skin, wrinkles, i.e. to external manifestation of age factors. If you are looking forward to Botox near me costa mesa

Active components of the Collagen Cream strengthen synthesis of the skin own collagen and elastin, prevents wrinkling, actively nourishes, and hydrates the skin at all depths, prevents general skin presenilation. This is achieved due to the basic structural derma elements – that are elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Collagen and elastin – two fibrillar albumens making a basis of conjunctive tissue. Both albumens are the important elements for sustenance of the skin elasticity and youth. Hyaluronic acid effectively humidifies the skin’s top layer, creates a superficial hydrate protective layer, promotes superficial wrinkle removal.

The aminoacid structure of the collagen skin care cream’s components is completely identical to human skin elastin and collagen. It does not have “accustoming” due to homology. The cream has high activity, which becomes apparent during all terms of application, provides lasting rejuvenation effect and skinnourishment.

Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream Gold (25ml)

Plazan anti wrinkle eye cream contains placental glycosaminoglycans and low-molecular components. Plazan anti wrinkle eye cream is specially created to smooth out wrinkles in the thin and delicate skin around the eyes. It improves blood micro-circulation, normalizes skin metabolism, promotes the retention of moisture in cells and intercellular spaces and improves the elasticity and resilience of connective tissue structures. The number of wrinkles is reduced and the puffiness and tiredness around the eyes disappears.

Placenta Collagen Mask – Used by Jennifer Lopez! Highly Recommended!

Placenta Collagen Mask is a ready-to use cosmetic mask made from natural placenta collagen fibers using a special technology that preserves intact the natural structure of the collagen used.

Placenta Collagen Mask is effective for all skin types, does not have side effects and may be used at anytime.

Placenta Mask is highly recommended for aging and tired skin.

Placenta Mask may also be used as a one-off treatment to improve the skins’ appearance before special occasions, or as desired. If you wish to use only a part of the Placenta Mask at any one given time you may use what is needed and store the rest in the refrigerator in a closed container for subsequent treatments (a maximum of 2 to 3 months).

Each jar contains enough mask tissue for one full face. This is a one time use mask.

Placenta Collagen Mask

Placenta Collagen Mask is suitable for all skin types, all ages and for use during all seasons. Collagen Mask helps to reduce wrinkles, relaxes tense and ‘fatigued’ skin, moisturizes and nourishes skin with low-molecular components and improves complexion. Effective after plastic surgery and helps to reduce irritation after peeling and mesotherapy

Maximum Night Cream Diamond is recommended from the age of 35. The Maximum Night Cream is designed to actively nourish all types of skin cells, increasing cell metabolism and efficacy. It also has a slight lifting effect.

After age 35 the best result is achieved with additional application of Day and Night creams to the Evening Cream under specified sequence: morning – Day cream, night – Evening cream is applied a 30 minutes before Night Cream.

All three creams can be intensively used during 1-1,5 months. Then you use Day and Night Creams. Regular application of these three creams supports the skin with active and healthy condition for a long time. Skin quickly restores its water-retaining ability, wrinkles are smoothed and become less appreciable.

Facial Skin Care

Plazan Facial Creams are designed for skin care of the face and neck. Active ingredients provide superior skin rejuvenation, maintenance and protection based on high contents of allogenic albumens and hyaluronic acid in combination with components from placental cell extracts. Be sure to browse through our facial care series section to access our catalog of Anti Wrinkle Products as well as Diamond, Gold and Silver face skin care creams. <View all facial skin care products.

Plazan Natural Body Care

The Body Care Range features a multitude of products tailored to suit specific areas of the body, providing a targeted, focused blend of compounds designed to meet your beauty needs <View all body care products>.


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